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Gevania Online Music Collaboration

Gevania Online Collaboration is a community that provides a service for artists, their fans, and industry professionals To collaborate together to make their own music.

Fans and industry professionals can listen to OR download new music, watch videos, write reviews, and purchase other products.

Gevania Online Collaboration also has advertising promotions with many business partners, affiliates and associated businesses who also promote our Independent Artists via their own networks to assist with promotional concepts.

  1. This is a space to network with one another, fans, and industry professionals.
  2. Also a space to work together as a team to prepare your tracks and learn from each other.
  3. The chance to promote and sell your product to your fans. Working together we achieve more.

The opportunity to win cash, prizes in competitions that will be running and many other incentives.

The main competition once a year will be a showcase run by "Enter into Our World Organization" which will be a live show for Australian participants only, and the alternative for USA artists to be invited to two different showcases run by our associated Producers.

Although many of the artists registered with  Gevania Music which are Songwriters, composers and singers, we are happy to accept other forms of entertainment business to promote their business if they wish to.

We consider Creative artists that can showcase their paintings, photography, dancers, musicians, poets, singers, and songwriters. Schools can participate too with their choirs, stories, and drama groups.

Artists will be able to post bios, pictures, videos, and music onto their personalized web page for other artists, fans, and industry professionals to view, write reviews, and sell their products.

The artist's store will enable the artist to sell her/his product(s) to their fans, and other members of the site.

Members of Gevania Global Network will also have access to a reputable knowledge through various discussions via forums, in which they can create, read, and post replies.

Also, there will be a learning education for beginners which will have guidelines and learning tools to help them get started online with this program. 

Gevania Music Online also has web designers that can perform Websites and graphic artwork at affordable prices. 

Virtual Office Assistants to write your business letters, and create a Resume or portfolio on your career or business.  To draft legal agreements and documents.  Duplication in CD Printing AND Distribution of Products.

Music Collaboration

This is a Music site for Collaboration to work together preparing your tracks for your CD.  Composers, Vocalists, songwriters,orchestrators,band members, come along and have some fun and work together as a team.  We have Professional Producers with our online program. We have assisted many Independent Artists in music, creative singing, role models, and helped them through their stepping-stones to SUCCESS. Our productive collaboration group of Producers, Composers, Singers, Songwriters are available to assist with demo vocal guides, to work with a program of commercial lyric templates, and composers to assist with compositions of arrangement and melodies.


Before joining please read our TERMS before signing up and registering.


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